Since our law firm was established, we offer an apprenticeship for legal assistants (ReNos) every year. Due to the qualified training in our law office, our apprentices have various career opportunities after successfully completing their training. Thus, the field of activity of ReNos is not limited to work in law firms. With their know-how, ReNos are also gladly hired by commercial enterprises, banks and collection agencies.

The training in our law firm is carried out in the lawyer's field with a focus on labour and family law as well as in the notary, so that the trainees are given a comprehensive insight into the different areas of work of a legal assistant. As part of your training, we will provide you with comprehensive knowledge of office organization as well as all the tasks that are needed in a secretariat, in particular file management, the lawyers' and notaries' cost law, the enforcement proceedings as well as communication with clients, courts, authorities and insurances. We provide a structured training plan.

You are welcome to send us an application. Please send your apllication via E-Mail at RAe[at]