Expertise in family law

  • 4 lawyers working in the field of family law
  • Working together in a team
  • Linked with other law firms across the nation

Lawyer and Notary, Certified Specialist for Family Law, Partner

Lawyer, Certified Specialist for Family Law

Lawyer, Certified Specialist for Family Law

Lawyer, Certified Specialist for Family Law

What we are about

  • The importance of resolving family conflicts in connection with a separation or divorce by agreement where possible

  • Dedication and efficiency in representing you in court proceedings

Our strengths

  • The consequences of separation (such as residence of children, use of the joint home)
  • Divorce
  • Adjustment of pension rights
  • Maintenance (Child maintenance, Alimony, Maintenance of unmarried mothers, maintenance of parents)
  • Adjustment of existing rights and duties in relation to maintenance
  • Apportionment of assets, also where not covered by the matrimonial property regime
  • Access
  • Parental custody

Advice and representation

  • Representation in all family matters in court, for example in divorce, maintenance, pension adjustment and accrued gain adjustment proceedings

  • Out-of-court representation in negotiations, for example with your spouse, the mother or father of your child, with your children or your parents

  • We also advise you in all other family law matters, for example in the drafting and notarisation or review of pre- and post-nuptial agreements (Contracts entered into before and after the wedding, for non-marital partnerships, same-sex partnerships, separation agreements and agreements on matters following divorce) maintenance, accrued gain adjustments and apportionments of assets

Outside our practice

  • We regularly publish articles

  • We seek to influence the legislature in cooperation with various commissions, working groups and networks

  • We keep abreast of developments by participation in regular professional development courses and are part of a nationwide network of employment


  • Included in the “Focus” list of “Germany’s top family lawyers” for Berlin:
    Attorney Rakete-Dombek (eight times to date: Focus-Spezial Okt./ Nov. 2017, Focus-Spezial Okt./ Nov. 2016, Focus-Spezial Okt./ Nov. 2015, Focus-Spezial Okt./ Nov. 2014, Focus-Spezial Okt. 2013, Focus vol. 22/2004 and also Focus vol. 46/1999 and Focus vol. 47/1993).

  • The Wirtschaftswoche named her as an outstanding lawyer for wealth protection in 2012.