Don't hesitate to ask us about our fees. We shall be very happy to explain to you, how they are calculated and who is likely to bear the costs.

Legal Fees Act

Lawyers' fees - including ours - are generally governed by the Legal Fees Act (Rechtsanwaltsvergütungsgesetz, in short: RVG). The level of our fee is governed by the value of the dispute. We shall be happy to explain to you how this value is arrived at in your case and what fees will arise. Special rules apply in welfare law, and proceedings before the labour courts at first instance.


Legal expenses insurance

If you have legal expenses insurance, your insurer will often cover the cost of our work, but not necessarily all of it. Some legal work may not be covered at all. Please bring your insurance number to your first appointment with us. We do not charge for applying to your insurers for our costs to be covered.


Legal aid for people of restricted means

If your income is low, you can claim legal aid. You can obtain a voucher for legal advice (Beratungshilfeschein) from the local court for your home disctrict. Bring this certificate with you when you come to us for the first time. Save for a contribution of 15 euros you will then not have to pay anything for our advice. 

You can also apply for legal aid for representation before the courts. The application should be submitted to the relevant court, which will then decide on it in the light of your financial position and the prospects of success in the proceedings. You can download this form here: www.berlin.de/gerichte/was-moechten-sie-erledigen/artikel.418028.php).


Fee Agreement

We charge a fixed fee for the first consulation. In some cases we may ask you to sign a transparent hourly fee agreement for further work.  If you have any questions, please ask.